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Comedian. Author. Emcee. Host. Wingman. Of sorts.

Check out Steve's NEW talk/variety show available in video on YouTube or extended audio only interviews via podcast!

Some people have a Bucket List, Steve has more of a "Sure, I'll try that! Why not?" List. Always the kid trying to entertain in any manner possible, it was natural to put stand-up comedy on that list. The creativity kept flowing so then came a book. Need a wedding minister? Check that box too. Pro wrestling ring announcer? Podcast host? If you think you've seen or heard of him somewhere, it's likely.

Without many shows going on right now, feel free to follow on social media!






During this time, I'm also selling copies of my book Memoirs of a Wingman at a reduced price. $13 includes shipping, PLUS $1 for every purchase will go toward a local or national charity to help people impacted by the current pandemic. 

This helps me maintain some form of small income, helps you if you're real bored during quarantine, and together we are helping others with the donation.

Buttons for PayPal, Venmo and CashApp are set up on the Wingman tab of my site.

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